Soundz Good Chicago customers are extremely loyal and much of our business comes from referrals and repeat business. Once we complete one installation for a customer, they refer us to family members, friends and colleagues at work.

“I had a great experience at Soundz Good Auto. My remote door lock and alarm went on the fritz after 5 years and they tore out all the old wiring and re-wired the whole car to include a remote door lock and remote start.”

“The total price was more than half of what a dealership had quoted me. The other bonus was that they had a DVD player at the store where you could watch movies while you waited. A great place with fair prices!”

– Jordan C.

“The techs installed a Cobra security alarm and some amplifiers years ago. They worked with me every step of the way so things were done to my specs.”

“Since then every time I go in for service they treat me as a real customer especially backing their alarm warranty which is good for as long as I own my car! You won’t be disappointed with the level of customer service from them. I couldn’t ask for more from an installer.”

– Scot E.

“I shopped all around Chicago to have custom L.E.D. work done on my car. Because the work involved was unusual and looked too difficult, nobody wanted to touch it.”

“I took it to Soundz Good Auto and they did a super job in record time. The work didn’t look custom at all, but factory installed. In fact, a few people asked me if my car looked that way when I got it from the dealer. Later, I had a rear spoiler with a break light installed. These guys at Soundz Good Auto are real professionals.”

– Solowizard

“I had Soundz Good Auto install front sensors on my new car and they did a terrific job. The work was done in excellent time and at a very fair price.“

“I was very pleased with the way I was treated and I was told if I needed any adjustments that I should just come back and they would do it for me. I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Lefty

“Just went there again this weekend for an alarm on my wife’s car. They were great in explaining all my options and suggested a specific alarm. The installation was nicely done and clean. I’ve been using Soundz Good Auto since 1989 and the only reason I keep coming back is because they are the best.”

– Joe

“I had a sound system installed by another shop was never satisfied. The fine folks at Soundz Good Auto rewired it for me. I knew what was missing at the other shop, customer satisfaction! Thanks Soundz Good Auto! Highly recommended!”

– Tommy

I have only great things to say about Soundz Good Auto. They beat the lowest estimate I brought to them and mounted and balanced my tires perfectly. Robert inspected all of my rims individually and noticed one of the five was imperfect from the factory. The turn around time for my fifth rim was only a couple of days. Most places would leave it up to the consumer to find small imperfections.

“They took the time to speak with the tire company to make sure the rim size/style I requested would work with my vehicle without modifications.”

“I had a ton of questions about other products I wanted to install in the future. They had no problem answering questions and researching items they normally don’t carry. Most custom shops only want to talk about stuff they can sell to you from off their shelves…or something you would like to order on the spot.”

– Jason

“Pricing was good and customer service was great. I have recommended them to friends and they have had good experiences there as well. I will definitely be using them in the future.”

– Tom B.